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Well it seems this is! I’ve moved to WordPress after some silliness which sounded a lot like computer words, computer words, computer words which made me Zzzzzz. So while my old site is still live, this is the space to now find me.

With 2022 coming to an end, I look forward to some fun stuff ahead for 2023. Along with in-person deliveries to Santa Ana in January, I’m teaching in April in San Jose. I will be adding a page on in-person classes in Victoria, BC shortly. There will be some beginner classes and classes more suited for those with some experience and classes made for experienced tutu makers who wish to up their technical game as it were.

More info in no particular order

  • I’m no longer delivering to Vancouver. Vancity dancers will need to come to the Island for their fittings/delivery as I literally can NOT get on BC Ferries one more time. I loathe every moment of it and why do something you don’t like! So don’t forget see you crack of dawn day one, later that afternoon and again the next day for each costume requested.
  • I’m off Aug and Sept to Europe which means my earliest delivery for 2023/24 will be end of October and very limited from then to mid December. So how to ensure you have a spot? Get a hold of me asap. For that coveted October delivery, I need your variations BEFORE I leave (so think end of July). For end Nov or mid Dec deliveries, pending on where you are, I’d need this info mid Sept. If you are putting a studio together for a group delivery, get ONE parent only to message me with parent/dancer names, how many costumes, where you are located and preferred delivery date. Please don’t say end of Oct with 22 tutus. I don’t get home til end of Sept so of course this will be impossible and I won’t even consider it.
  • I am reducing my workload substantially. If you’d like one of my costumes, please message BEFORE you or your teacher commits your dancer to a competition date. Just because you compete in Dec does not mean I am available to help you. My next opening may be in February so your comp dates either move or feel free to check out other costumers that have a calendar less jammed then mine.
  • I will be digitizing more patterns soon! There are new sizes and also new styles – one with straps which is quite exciting!

To keep up to date, follow me on WordPress as I will update this often. This allows you to see if I have openings left, where I am heading for deliveries and there may be a Pippin photo or two (and I’m sure some F1 stuff too 😀 )

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