In-person Classes Victoria, BC

These classes are broken into beginner, some experience and very experienced makers. Please be prepared to send photos of your work to ensure my instruction will benefit you and you will fit in with the other students. Classes may be booked as private or semi private. Instruction may differ pending abilities and experience of students. A 200$ deposit should be sent to hold your spot once your class dates are confirmed. This is non refundable.

There are dogs on the property at all times and no smoking/vaping permitted. I am not responsible for any injuries or car/equipment damage whilst traveling to and from and during class. Please check your health insurance covers BC medical and private insurance covers any loss or damage of your equipment. You are responsible for car insurance incase of theft or break-ins.

The Beginner –

Beginner tutu makers should know how to sew and how to use their sewing machine. This session will cover all elements of the classical tutu and bodice or romantic tutu and bodice. It includes smooth finishes, basic bodice fitting and alterations. Nets, panty fabric and lining for one classical tutu and bodice OR romantic tutu and bodice is included. A “Good Karma” basque, panty and bodice pattern is also included as well as boning and hooping. You must supply fabric fabric and threads. There will be homework to be completed at night away from the studio.

1600$CAD plus tax romantic tutu/bodice

1800$CAD plus tax classical tutu/bodice

1300$US plus PayPal fees romantic tutu/bodice

1600$US plus PayPal fees classical tutu/bodice

More experienced makers to very experienced makers –

The more experienced maker may choose between a classical or bell tutu and bodice or romantic tutu and bodice. You may choose from two style bodices – the classical or peasant. The session will cover alterations of basques, panty, bodice plus choosing net and linings to best suit your dancer. There will be a focus on stitching skills for more improved technician abilities. Fitting of all elements of the skirts and bodice are included as well as smooth finishes, tacking and pleated tops. Sleeves and plates will be covered as well as design tips. Nets, panty fabric, lining and one “Good Karma” pattern for one tutu plus bodice are included. Please bring fashion fabric, embellishments, hooks/bars, hooping and threads. Homework to be completed at night away from the studio. Instruction for mail-out fittings and finishing is included.

1400$CAD plus tax romantic tutu/bodice

1600$CAD plus tax classical/bell tutu/bodice

1100$US plus PayPal fees romantic tutu/bodice

1300$US plus PayPal fees classical/bell tutu/bodice

Things to remember before booking classes –

  • if you suffer from jet lag, you may wish to arrive early. Victoria BC is located on the very westcoast of Canada (Pacific Standard Time) which can have a time difference of 2-4 hours from other North American cities.
  • my address will be made available when your deposit is paid. There are airbnbs in my area but most hotels are approx 15-20 mins drive. If you choose not to rent a car, be prepared to take public transit or a taxi. Victoria does not have Uber. Do not depend on your fellow students to drive you to and from your accommodations with your costume and sewing machine. This is inappropriate
  • please keep your religious and political opinion to yourself. This is a class in tutus and costumes. Gossip and cruel statements made about me, other students or other teachers will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and your payment will not be refunded.
  • you may use my kitchen for your lunch. No shellfish please.
  • classes run 930-530 with 1 hour for lunch.

Classes are running as per below

May 1-5 Beginner class

May 15-19

June 5-9 experienced makers only

June 19-23

July 3-7

July 17-21

Unless noted as “experienced makers only”, the other weeks are open to all level makers.