Measurements and Sizing

Please remember costumes are made to the measurements YOU provide. Due to hygienic reasons, all costumes are FINAL SALE. We are not responsible for any costumes that do not fit due to mismeasurements or growth/weight gain/loss from order to completion or after delivery. If you choose to do the fittings yourself, you assume all responsibility. In person fitting or delivery which includes fitting can be organized at my home studio in Victoria, BC or you may organize one in your city or request a list of where I will be fitting.

The measurements below are for non-custom costumes but inform the buyer which we consider “youth” and “adult” sizing for custom sizing. “Youth” falls from 1-4. “Adult” falls from 5-7+.

Custom costume must have measurements taken with my supervision over the computer.

Sizes in inches

  1. bust 23-24, waist 20-21, nape 11.5-12, full hip 25-26
  2. bust 26-26.5, waist 21-22, nape 12.5-13, full hip 26-27
  3. bust 27-27.5, waist 22-23, nape 13-13.5, full hip 27-28
  4. bust 28-29, waist 23-24, nape 14-14.5, full hip 29-30
  5. bust 30-31, waist 24-25, nape 14-14.5, full hip 31-33
  6. bust 31-32, waist 25-26, nape 15-15.5, full hip 32-33
  7. bust 32-33, waist 26-27, nape 15-15.5, full hip 34-35