Terms of Reference

Thank you for choosing Matryoshka Tutus for your costuming needs. Please read thru the following information very carefully. By continuing with your order, you have understood and agree to these terms.

  • 200$ non refundable deposit is required to hold your space once you have been accepted as a client
  • 50% of the full costume cost is due after the design is accepted
  • full payment is due upon completition
  • all shipping, international fees/duty/customs etc to be paid by buyer
  • travel fees are due at the time of booking trip (for in person delivery) which include airline/ferry costs, hotel/airbnb costs, car rental or Uber services, travel insurance, and daily meal budget. I stay at specific hotels or airbnbs only. I do not stay in homes. These costs are over and above the cost of the costume
  • if you cancel or are a no-show for fittings/delivery, you must organize a new fitting/delivery that is convenient to me and other dancers. You will be invoiced for any costs.
  • all tutus and costumes are FINAL SALE
  • changes to the design AFTER delivery are often difficult or impossible due to the nature of traditionally built costumes. Changes requested by you, your dancer and teacher/coach/AD will be at my discretion and unless the error is made by me, the parent will be invoiced for any work/materials needed at 50$/hour/partial hour.
  • if you do not have a personal fitting, mail out tutus are ordered at your own risk. Errors made by you or your tailor (measurements, fittings etc) are not my responsibility. I make the costume to the measurements and fit YOU provide.
  • growth between ordering and delivery is out of my control. Alterations due to growth/weight loss after the costume is delivered will be invoiced at 50$/hour/partial hour to be paid upfront.
  • once the costume leaves my studio, I am not responsible for lost or stolen goods during transit

Most importantly, for in person delivery. I am at the mercy of airlines and ferries. Often there are cancellations and delays out of my control. I try to organize a quick resolution but be prepared to change your plans quickly. During in person delivery, I have a very small time with your dancer. School and class may need to be missed. If this is not possible, tell me before I book travel as additional days may be needed for you dancer in which you are financially responsible. The rule of thumb is I need one full day per costume.

To Order a Costume

  1. read thru the terms of reference and pricing and email matryoshkarehearsaltutus@gmail.com with a note acknowledging you’ve done so. I will not respond to any emails that do not acknowledge this.
  2. send your dancer’s variation (if known) and studio/teacher. If we don’t like the variation or are uninspired by your/your teacher’s requests, we will turn your request down. If you change your variation and we are uninspired by it, your contract may be nullified and deposit will NOT be refunded.
  3. an email will be sent to you verifying your order has been accepted with more info on deadlines. All delivery dates may move without notice pending weather or mailing issues. Plan accordingly.
  4. if you miss a deadline, your order will be cancelled and your deposit will NOT be refunded.
  5. A sketch will be sent which is unique, well researched and variation appropriate IF TIME IS GIVEN TO DO SO. Rush orders may be too time sensitive. Changes requested by parent, dancer, teacher/ad etc are to be done at the sketch stage. Changes AFTER the fact due to misunderstandings if this was too time sensitive may be impossible.

We do NOT copy other designer’s work, professional or otherwise. It is disrespectful to them and also rude to us. We choose to, instead, provide well fit, variation appropriate costumes that allow your dancer to be unique. If you have chosen Matryoshka Tutus to create your costume, allow us to do our work.