Summer break just around the corner

Teaching, yoga, pottery and Europe

Home not long ago from a quick class where I was both student and teacher. I spent 3 days (re)learning tunic drafting with Renee then new and returning students joined me for 5 days of tutu class. It was there, with help from returning student Lisa, I realized there is so much anxiety and stress over finishing the project, we often forget we are there to soak up as much information as possible. We can then take this information home and practice it at our leisure. When you have only 40 hours of learning, why waste it staying up late, pushing yourself physically and mentally and just not focusing.

So new class mandate – slow down. Learn. Don’t panic if you don’t get every project done. It is more important to understand than to kill yourself for a social media post to say look what I did.

Now it is time for me to focus on students coming to my home studio on Vancouver Island for class thru the summer. They run every two weeks (week long classes) from May to July. I’m super excited to have students from the US, Canada and all the way from New Zealand this year. Cannot wait to share even more of what I myself have tested and learned this past season. Your teacher should be neck deep making what it is they are sharing with you. They need to see how things have changed season to season in demands of the dancer. Comps like ADC, Yagp and Prix de Lausanne are constantly moving the goal post of us costumers and if your teacher is not part of that, how are they to know what is relevant?

Along with teaching, I’m lucky to have taken time off solo builds as I need to recharge. Get extra yoga in and spend some time in my pottery studio. I have a garden/art show coming up in July so best have the garden ready and art for people to enjoy whilst here! Showing weeds and buckets of reclaimed clay may not be quite what they are interested in seeing.

And then it’s time for Europe. The studio will be closed Aug 15-Sept 24th. I will be receiving emails (NO TEXTS!!!!) but don’t be shocked when it takes some time for me to get back to you. I’m on holiday and working on emails is not really my idea of time away. Of course with my first delivery toward the end of October, I do understand some correspondence is necessary. Saying that, I will be in SoCal end of Oct with very limited delivery. I must have your variations and we will discuss measurements by Aug 1st, 2023. Anything after that, you will be bumped to the next delivery time which is end of Nov/early Dec.

For the second delivery (that Nov/early Dec date), please note it may be in Scottsdale or LA. The deadline for this is Oct 1st, 2023. This is also limited as there is only so much of me to go around.

Please do not write me about how your teacher won’t tell you what variation your child is doing. Sounds like you need to talk with your teacher over what is important. Your child should be. If they cannot get this to you by Oct 1st, 2023, don’t look shocked when you are released from our contract. Please go elsewhere that doesn’t mind the stressed sleepless nights your teacher is causing by not being on top of things.

January will be another date with travel not yet organized. It may be you are road tripping to the Island to me which is always an option and the easiest way to get onto my every shrinking list of people I work with. Mid Jan delivery needs all variation info to me by Nov 1st.

See how easy this is? Get your info to me early and we can then plan wonderful things!!!

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